Available in a multitude of colours, styles (long sleeve, short sleeve etc) and materials.



Got lips? This can help. Available in classic (shown) or tall (tapered).



Great for campaign notes. Available in ruled paper or graph paper.

Remember, part of any profits we make from the sale of our merchandise goes to worthy charitable causes like Beyond Blue, The Man CaveThe Young Woman  Boxing Project and Freedom Center.

This aint our first rodeo. All of our team have been around long enough to have experienced depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health issues either ourselves or with our families and friends - and we know the importance of support in those times.

Part of the profits we make from our stream, merchandise and other undertakings goes direct to Beyond Blue - an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental disorders.

If you're struggling please know that:
1 - you have friends in the Smudge Tank who have been there also, 2 - there is ALWAYS a way to back up and 3 - Beyond Blue really do know how to help you get there. They can help you right NOW - chat online at their website here  or call 1300 22 4636 (in Australia).