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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Well... it's been a while but production assets are coming along nicely.

The map of Olostin's hold is done (140 hours later) and it's been inserted in a little panning animation I've made up for the intro to the stream (snippet below). I'm not going to reveal the full thing until the show begins and maybe down the track we'll have someone who actually knows what they're doing create a better version with a better theme tune, storm clouds, lightning and a little more polish than what I was able to cobble together in a hurry in Blender. Ideally I wanted the logo to be a lot more like the bevelled, dented and aged metallic Harry Potter logos from the beginnings of their films but importing the logo vectors into Blender from my Illustrator design limited what I could do. With the benefit of hindsight I would have used the vector as just a guideline and crafted the logo from scratch in Blender using it's own meshes (this would have been much easier to bevel) but again someone better at Blender could probably do this in a tenth of the time it would take me.

Snippet of animated intro with Olostin's Hold in the background (a town from the Faerun area in D&D's Sword Coast setting).
Sneak peak of the Olostin's Map as the background of our intro animation

Just a little town in Faerun on the Sword Coast
Small section of the Olostin's Hold Map

Twitch Overlays

I've used Adobe Illustrator to create framing and overlay graphics for all of the different camera scenarios including the "fireside chat" we plan to have preceding each show. Again - you'll see all of this in action when we go live but for now there's a sneak peak of the "Streaming Soon" screen below. To achieve the animation I used old school 'onion skinning' in Adobe Illustrator and used Adobe Premiere to combine the frames. My first attempt in Edge Animate was OK but that tool is showing its age - the glow flicker didn't work and I had very dodgy results when Edge Animate tried to flatten the transparency in the source art.

An animated section of the "Stream Starting Soon" screen featuring my illustration of Peloquin the human wizard (he's a bit scary and necromancy)
An animated section of the "Stream Starting Soon" screen featuring my illustration of Peloquin the human wizard (he's a bit scary and necromancy)

Stingers and Transitions

I've got some groovy ideas for transitions we can use between "sections" like the quick pre-show recap and the cut back to Ryan but I'm a firm believer in getting some shows happening first - the nuances can come once we've had a chance to share our show with the world.

As always you can stay up to date with all of the latest developments by following either @desmonst3r or @SmudgeTank on twitter:



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