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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We're going on an adventure! Not the kind that has a dragon under a mountain... but not far off. Yes, we're starting a D&D live stream. That can't be hard - can it??

Well, yes! If you're a glutton for punishment and want to do something next level it is going to be very hard. I'm talking: set design, top level graphics, animated intro, website, merch, character illustrations - the full monty... so yes - this is going to hurt a little. But we're not on any real deadline so why not give it a crack?

For a few years I had it in mind that I would do something "Youtubey" but I wasn't sure what. Whatever it was I wanted it to be an outlet for all the crazy creative I had bouncing around in my head. The day to day grind of a career in marketing & creative came close... but you can rarely do "art" on a deadline & budget. Especially in a small city very very far from anywhere.

Above: Working on the map for the animated intro.

Dance you crazy fool!

OK, so the big-bad casts "silence" on the lot of you and the only way she's going to let you live is if you mime your back-story in the form of an interpretive dance.

It was in the hilarious moment described above I realised I'd finally found the content I could put in front of a camera. In my very early teens I'd sat in on one D&D session - but that was so long ago in fact that I'd actually forgotten that "D&D" was even what it was called. Nevertheless there I was more than 3 decades later at Ryan's D&D table dancing up a storm. He'd invited me down for a game in early 2017 and I remember thinking to myself "D&D? That's 'full-nerd' stuff right? Am I 'full-nerd'? I thought I was more slight geek than nerd? Aw heck - maybe I'll just give it a go anyway. Ryan is a good friend how bad could it be?"

Bad? How wrong was I? I'd never experienced such fun. A collaborative narrative where the story evolved as you went and you were actually in it? This was far better than any PC game or movie because you were actually in it - forming the direction it went. What a rush! Plus I'm a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings etc so it was right in my wheel-house. Let's turn this thing into a show!!

I'd watched a few episodes of Critical Role and thought "that looks like piles of fun. I can do that!". I'd acted on stage, been in bands for 20 years and in my creative career I'd worked with audio & video and all manner of other media (plus I was a pretty good illustrator if I do say so myself). From experience I know there is a lot to be done but I'm just putting one foot in front of the other chipping off one task (or three) at a time.

D&D gaming table
Early concept work for the gaming table I intend to make much much later (for now we have a makeshift setup we purchased from someone who was moving on from tabletop).

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