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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

We've come a long way from two tables pushed together in Ryan's dining room.

Our Australian D&D Live Stream is taking shape. Our fellow tanker Ben does a LOT (you'd be surprised) of scouting for D&D periphery on different marketplace websites and he spotted someone disposing of (selling) a huge gaming table which was a perfect stand-in until a certain designer (who shall remain nameless) got off his backside and finished our Pentagonal table. It's a little tall for our purposes - due to a covered over 'nook' for Warhammer or Bloodbowl game boards (which we don't use) - but it was the perfect start to our D&D set.

Since then Ryan has decked out the set with a cornucopia of geek chic set within groovy full wrap around bookshelves so we've gone from this (below)...

To this:

To this:

Not perfect yet... but getting a lot further along.

Initial testing has highlighted the fact that the PC on which we're recording is not going to cut the mustard. Once we've purchased a killer streaming laptop (perhaps with external GPU) we'll probably begin wth a few session zeros, then just start streaming and then add proper lighting and other nuances once we've had time to settle into the rhythm of the show.

As always you can stay up to date with all of the latest developments by following either @desmonst3r or @SmudgeTank on twitter:



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